Huffington Post Reviews Best Summer Books!

The Hidden Forest has made Huffington Post’s “Best Summer Books to Read with Your Daughters” List as #2!

2. The Hidden Forest, by Daintry Jensen

An enchanting adventure set on the shores of Nantucket island, The Hidden Forest offers the promise of a magical world just beyond our own. When 12-year-old Adelaide is sent to spend the summer with her grandparents, she climbs over a forbidden wall and encounters a secret rose, a talking lynx and an evil Merqueen with violet eyes. Inspired by her explorer icon Amelia Earhart, plucky Adelaide shows her mettle, stands up to the queen and saves Nantucket and her family in the process. With gorgeous illustrations by Alan Baker, Daintry Jensen’s middle-grade tale is a fast read, the perfect book for a hammock on a lazy summer afternoon.


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