Daintry Jensen is an artist with writing and acting as her main mediums.  She has recently returned to acting after a hiatus in which she had many adventures, including publishing her first novel, The Hidden Forest – a middle grade fantasy adventure set on Nantucket Island.  She has acted on stage and in film as well as penned a number of screenplays after graduating from the UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program.

A graduate of Skidmore College, Trinity Rep’s Two Year Conservatory and the William Esper Studio’s Meisner Program, she currently lives in the New York City area.

Reel coming soon!

The Fictionist

Dr. Morgan Mead (Daintry Jensen) is the ultimate woman: she is Eve!  And this is the playwright’s homage to her… as if portrayed by Jodie Foster or a young Jane Fonda.


Steel Magnolias

Daintry Jensen might well give a lesson to all actresses, present and future.  As Shelby, she shows us all the varied patchwork of emotions – hopes, fears, frustrations and raw courage…Jensen gives a tenderly moving performance in a role which, in less talented hands, might have been a lugubrious tearjerker.  Neatly done.

Yesterday’s Island
Nantucket, MA

It’s Just Sex

Infidelity proves to be more than ‘Just Sex’… Jeff Gould (writer-director) finds his way to emotional authenticity with his engaging new serious comedy It’s Just Sex…Nozick and [Daintry] Jensen are the other standouts.

LA Times

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